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Download Twitch VoD's and Highlights

Did you forget to record a broadcast or have internet so slow you could out run it? Well, Twitch Tools provides a nice solution to help you get your videos back and watch them without buffering. With our Video Downloader you can download videos off of Twitch and watch them from your computer without lag or edit your past broadcast into a sick montage.

View All Emoticons

You need to up your emoticon game. Using our emoticon tool you can stay up to date with all the emoticons that currently exist.. Don't embarrassedly type an incorrect emoticon ever again. Check out our Emoticon list to get the exact text to send an emoticon.

Get Channel and Team Information

We have equiped our binoculars and are looking at any user or team that we can. Use our Channel and Team Information tools to get all the data about anyone on Twitch. We can tell you stuff such as, what game did they last play, when their account was created, if they are a Twitch Partner, chat settings and much more.

View Twitch Stats

If you want to become the next big streamer it may take some research into stats, but mostly it requires you to be entertaining. But none the less, we are providing stats anyways. You can view what games were poular, how many channels were streaming each game and how many viewers were watching. Also we have global Twitch stats such as how many channels and viewers are active every minute.

Get Twitch Token to use IRC Chat

If you are a power Twitch viewer you need all the tools you can get your hands on. Using an IRC client to chat in multiple channels at once quickly may be your ticker to be the most powerful Twitch viewer of all time. Using this tool you can see the IRC Chat Token for your account that is required to login using an IRC client.