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Twitch Tools is a site providing you external tools for the streaming service Twitch. We are not associated with Twitch in any way, and all of these tools are coded independently using the Twitch API. Below are all of the tools we provide and a quick description of what they can do. Please share this website with your friends if you enjoy it, and also check out our Twitter.

Video / Clip Download

Video and Clip Downloader is a simple way to download past broadcasts, clips and highlights from Twitch. All that is required is a URL to the video you wish to download. If a streamer has their Past Broadcasts for subscribers only, you will need to login to your Twitch Account to be able to download the videos. The videos are all stored on the Twitch servers and our tool only provides you links to these videos.


Emoticons is a page where we try to keep an as up to date list of all the emoticons available on Twitch. But with the recent updates to Twitch, it seems that almost every channel now has emoticons. You can search by your favorite streamers username and view all the available emoticons.

User / Channel Information

Channel Information provides a way to get all available information about a user or a channel on Twitch. We use the public API's available to grab this information to show you. If you have any privacy concerns, you will have to take it up with Twitch since we do not store this information.

Team Information

The Team Information tools will provide you a list of all the current members of that team and basic information about the team. If you are curious about Team roster changes or want to see if any new members are part of a team, this is a great tool to use. Quickly see all of the team members and visit their profiles and steams.

Channel's Fans

Use your computer and internet to download a list of all the fans of a channel. This feature is very slow since it has to make a ton of requests to the Twitch API, which by itself is really slow. The download is provided as a CSV file to be used in spreadsheet software such as Excel.

User's Following

Download a CSV of all the channels a specific user is following. Like Channel's Fans, your computer is making all of the requests to the Twitch server, which will take a long time depending on how many channels a user is following.

IRC Chat Token

Generate your IRC Chat Token for your Twitch account. When accessing your Twitch Chat through an IRC Client such as mIRC or my perferred IRC client XChat or Irssi, you will need to login using your OAuth Token instead of your normal Twitch password. This tool will quickly display your oauth token and then show you the commands required to login to your account through IRC.